A lifesaver for both the patient and myself as the caregiver.

Rollz Motion 2 - Walker and Transport Chair

After researching many walkers, we looked at the Rollz Motion² walker/transport chair as the best option for someone with Parkinson’s disease, due to the fluctuations in the ability to move or not.  The Rollz Motion² was purchased in January of 2016, and we have used it consistently for everything.

We found that the walker portion is superb to other models, as the handles and handle height adjustment,  and the ease and lightness in which it rolls is amazing.  The biggest benefit is the ability to quickly change his walker into a full blown Transport Chair.  For the caregiver, this provides a significant level of confidence knowing that they will easily be able to cope with the movement issues, and be able to take the person they are caring for pretty well any where and get them back.  Once the chair portion is slipped on to make the seat, the foot pedals easily attach and the caregiver handles easily swing around to provide a great transport option.   The other big bonus of the Rollz Motion², is that the chair is firm, with a firm back, which makes it ideal if the person you are with has to sit for any length of time.  They are completely comfortable in using this a regular chair – the seat pad is great and so is the back, being full length.  

This has been a lifesaver for both the patient and myself as the caregiver.  I know that I can handle just about any situation, can easily get this folded into a taxi or onto the airplane without any issues whatsoever.   It is always great fun when a taxi drives up to pick us up and you see the horrified look on the cab drivers face when thinking about getting the chair in their cab, only to see a huge surprised look when it is completely collapsed down.  We have had it on the helicopter may times, and it is the same reaction from the loading crews, complete amazement and relief as the chair collapsed.  When you are dealing with various levels of care, the support from the ease of use of the Rollz Motion², make this very ideal.  

We are also on rural property, and the large wheels work very well.  

The only issue we have had, is our front wheels are smaller then the one you had displayed.   I would really like to swap out the front wheels.  I was also impressed with the chair back holder when the chair is in the walker function, versus having to carry the chair seat/back.

This is a great product for both the caregiver and the patient and this product  has held up well to some pretty strenuous use for 3 years.

Thanks again, it was great to see you set up at such an ideal location – way to go. 



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