Triumph Mobility helps Heart Institute, Children’s Aid Society in 2018

H-3 Staff at the Ottawa Heart Institute, receive Triumph Mobility Escape Walkers from Bob & Marie Mailhot

Triumph staff pose with Ottawa Heart Institute staff after donating three Escape walkers to the rehabilitation unit. Triumph sales manager Bob Mailhot (centre left) noticed a need for equipment.

Sometimes opportunities to give back strike during the most difficult times.

After a heart attack struck down Bob Mailhot’s mother in 2018, she spent a long time recovering from the debilitating and painful setback. Bob, the sales manager for Triumph Mobility, often accompanied his mother to the Ottawa Heart Institute, where she was receiving world-class care in their rehab unit.

After spending hours with his mother and getting to know the caring and talented staff at the institute, Bob noticed that Triumph Mobility had an opportunity to show the hospital staff how much their work is appreciated.

“There weren’t enough walkers to go around,” said Bob. “It was pretty clear we could make a difference to patients who just want to get back on their feet as soon as possible.”

Bob contacted Triumph owner Dave Mackereth and was given the green light to donate three brand-new Escape walkers to the rehab unit. The nurses were delighted with the addition to their stock of mobility aids.

Dave also saw an opportunity to play Santa Claus this past December. Karen Routh, the office manager at Triumph, was telling him about the incredibly positive experience she’d had with Children’s Aid. It only took David moments to realize he had another great opportunity to give back, and he called Children’s Aid to donate 25 self-propelling scooters right before the holidays. “It was a no-brainer,” says Dave.

“It’s important to me as a local business owner to make a difference where I can,” says Dave. “I try to treat everyone – friends, colleagues, even business competitors – how I’d want my family to be treated, regardless of the situation.”

Triumph is pleased to report that it had a banner year in 2018, with climbing sales and almost no returns of their internationally recognized products.

Considering a new line of mobility aids? Give Bob or Dave call at Triumph Mobility. We’ll treat you like family.

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