Happy holidays from Triumph Mobility

team of barrhaven food bank

Fall 2022 has been an exciting time for our company with the launch of our new flagship Prestige rollator and transport chair. As we prepare to slow down for the holidays, we wanted to extend our thanks to all of our supporters who help us in our mission to keep clients move through their world with dignity and comfort. 

For Triumph, the holidays are a great time to think about how we can give back to our community. Each year, we help prepare holiday food hampers to share with those less fortunate. This year, our colleagues at the Barrhaven Food Cupboard asked us to step up and find space to store their holiday hamper materials as they were being prepared. We were grateful to be able to connect them with the team at Traffic Tech who provided the transportation, and our property landlord Uniform Property Development who provided the storage space. We were also thankful that neighbour Mainstream Eavestrough was available to help out in the process. Together, we helped to prepare their hampers on the weekend before the holidays. 

Our President David Mackereth discusses with the Barrhaven Food Cupboard team
Our volunteer member unloads food hamper from the truck
We have a good time being a part of this awesome event

The Barrhaven Food Cupboard was established 30 years ago by local volunteers. Each year, it supports the community through monthly food orders as well as its special Holiday Hampers in December. This year’s records show an increase in monthly food orders of over 46% compared to the same period in 2021. The Barrhaven Food Cupboard’s traditional demand has been about 160 food orders monthly, but now fills about 250, which represents 1000 people. This weekend, we joined 30 volunteers to create 500 hampers, each with 66 pounds of food including canned goods, fresh vegetables and more.

Triumph is pleased to support this local effort in our community. We wish all of you a happy holiday.

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