“I purchased a Triumph Escape 8 months after release from rehab due to a femur/hip break”

Escape rollator grey

I was released from rehab with a Drive Medical Rollator. I destroyed it in approximately 8 months. I was told I was walking too much & it was not meant to be used outside (narrow & small wheels).

I purchased a Triumph Escape which I named Lancelot. He was amazing. Even cobblestone streets in NYC, which I had no business walking on. No falling. The cables are inside the struts so you cannot get caught on anything which would trigger a fall. Went grocery shopping with him. Loved him so much.

After I had to move to a powerchair, what to do with Lancelot? I ended up giving it to another person with FSHD. She called me the next day: she was out walking with her daughter. She was so happy & was keeping his name. Her husband dropped off a bouquet of flowers.

BTW, your customer service is great. I needed a new basket & backstrap: boom! it came the next day.

Deborah A Schwartz

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