Introducing The Triumph Prestige

An all-in-one rollator for even greater mobility support

Proudly designed and engineered in Canada, the Prestige was created with comfort in mind, featuring:

Smart design that saves time

Comfort built in for both user and caregiver

Safety that stands out

A lifetime warranty on a device that is made to last

How It’s Different


Transforms in seconds

The flexible padded backrest makes the switch from rollator to transport chair simple


A sleek design built in

Brake cables tucked inside the frame and stylish colours.


Ergonomics top of mind

Ergonomic handgrips, padded armrests, plus a backrest that is angled differently in each seat mode mean maximum comfort for both user and caregiver.

Simple Setup

Swivel the back rest, flip around the handgrips, pull out the footrest and voila!


Meticulously designed for safety. Drum brakes provide reliable all-weather braking.

User-Centered Design

Ergonomic handgrips, angled backstrap, foam-filled tires, padded armrests that offer a smooth and comfort ride.


A padded backrest easily transforms the rollator into a transport chair and vice versa.

Modern colours, brake cables tucked in, and accessories to offer style plus convenience.

Highly Compact
No tools needed, no extra parts to bring with you. Just go.

We Take Care Of Caregivers Too

Ergonomic handgrips angled for a more natural grip.

Shock absorbing foam-filled tires.

Easily adjustable handle height for maximum comfort.

Folds up and stays folded for storage and transport.


After many years of consulting with customers and healthcare professionals, Triumph is thrilled to introduce a unique device to help keep you moving forward independently for years to come.