Let’s Get Outside In The City!

Whether you’re using wheelchair, rollator or walker, here are some of the accessibility standards guidelines and accessibility resources across Canada. Shall we begin?


Toronto city's
Free Gooderham Building, Toronto, Canada image, public domain city CC0 image.

Toronto’s Multi-Year Accessibility plan was adopted in 2019 and aims to outline how the city will provide an accessible environment in areas from services and facilities to public spaces to information and communications. Under the City Services for People with Disabilities section, you can find out about services such as Wheel Trans, Personal Support and Financial Support programs. Under Accessible Recreation programs you can learn what community centres are accessible for physical therapy, and what indoor and outdoor pools are accessible. 


Free public domain CC0 photo.

Ottawa’s accessibility design standards are online here, along with a map of accessible play structure and play area locations.

This page also provides details on some accessibility programs including the city’s new tactile public signage program (providing high-contrast colours with raised characters and pictograms alongside Braille). 


The city of Vancouver’s accessibility resources include its strategic plan, plus links to accessible parking and transit information as well as accessible recreation programs. There’s also an accessible events checklist that’s more generally useful:

Quick links to some other cities you may want to visit


Link to accessibility plan and facilities


Link to accessible transit info, recreational facilities and more


Link to accessibility policies and resources.

And links to a couple of apps that help users navigate cities



Mapping out accessibility (created by a Canadian!). Link here


Helps to find wheelchair accessible places. Link here.

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