Triumph Mobility Refurbished products program

With our mission to improve the daily lives and of everyone we serve, Triumph Mobility takes pride in honouring our commitment to customers by making sure that their products are up to their standards.

But with that process comes the occasional returned products - sometimes the wrong size was ordered, or there was a scratch on the frame. We also have demonstrator models used at trade shows that work perfectly well but have been used in testing.

Triumph is happy to offer its refurbished products offer, which offers customers the opportunity to help us in our efforts to give such products a second life.

We also offer:
  • a discount of up to 20 percent off the retail price.
  • our standard full manufacturer's warranty
  • free shipping and hassle-free return
Each refurbished product is thoroughly cleaned and inspected so that it is like new. Our rigorous return process tests the device to ensure it operates just like new. Refurbished products also come with the same guarantees as our new products, and clients can contact us at any time if they have concerns with their purchase.

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