Rigid Wheelchairs

The right wheelchair gives you greater mobility, independence and can improve your health, setting you up for success to continue with your active lifestyle. Choosing the best model for you is an important decision and involves considering your needs, your mobility challenges and lifestyle factors.

When choosing a wheelchair, you will want to consider:

  • the activities that you pursue in your everyday life, whether you need to move over long distances, make frequent transfers in and out of the chair or to move it into storage in a car or elsewhere
  • your preference for manoeuverability and your tolerance for how “tippy” the wheelchair might be (experienced users are more adept at handling a model without anti-tippers – the Panthera U3 Light model offers a lighter weight in exchange for a more tippy feel)
  • your preferences for footrest type
  • the adjustability factors (many seats have different adjustability – the S3 models offer many options)
  • your preference for seating position—relaxed for comfort versus upright for a more active user (the S3 model offers a more relaxed seating position whereas the U3 model is more upright)
  • construction material (ultralight vs. light)
  • your size (short/large models and child versions such as the Bambino and Micro are available)

Our offerings provide different options to meet your needs—feel free to browse the options here or connect with us directly (or one of our helpful dealers) for assistance.