Rollators offer the stability and confidence to continue pursuing your active lifestyle in spite of mobility challenges. Choosing the right rollator for you (a rollator differs from a walker because it features four wheels) means assessing your needs, lifestyle factors and measurements.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a rollator:

  • the types of terrain you cover (for example hardwood or vinyl flooring, sidewalks)
  • the spaces and doorways you move through and how wide or narrow they are
  • your need for rest (a comfortable seat helps)
  • adjustability factors (Backstrap and handle heights may be adjustable)
  • types of handgrip available
  • construction material (light vs heavier frames for transport and stability)
  • storage factors

Our offerings, including the Escape (an ideal all-purpose rollator) and Escape Mini (an ideal indoor rollator) provide different options to meet your needs—feel free to browse below or connect with us directly (or one of our helpful dealers) for assistance.

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