Panthera Bambino 3 Short

Panthera Bambino 3 Short

THE PANTHERA BAMBINO 3 Short  An easy-to-drive, everyday chair for children with many different needs, Panthera’s recent additions offer even more customization suited to children from ages 4 to 12.  (Available in 9.45″ & 10.63″ (24 & 27cm) seat widths.

This item has specific settings that should be fitted to an individual and is best fitted by a professional at one of our retailers. Click below to find the location nearest you.

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About Panthera Bambino 3 Short

Panthera is always thinking about ways to inovate. The Bambino 3 children’s wheelchair reflects that attitude. Already an easy-to-drive, everyday chair for children with many different needs, Panthera’s recent additions offer even more customization suited to children from ages 4 to 12.

Like the adult versions, the Bambino 3 Short provides a smooth ride, a wide range of accessories, and adjustment options that allow it to grow with the user. The chair is easy to drive, adapt, and lift.


Here are just some of the benefits built into the Bambino 3 Short:

  • Footrest flips up, moves forward and back, and also adjusts vertically for shorter legs, as well as by angle.
  • Brake sits beside the wheel, and is easily accessed by even the most frail children from a lever inside the chair that moves out of the way for transfer
  • Seat width adaptors narrow the seat width by 7.5 mm on each side, growing with your child
  • Easily adjustable arm supports, lateral supports and side guards add customization and comfort
  • Push bar that’s sturdy, quick release and easily adjustable in height and angle. The push bar is removable to minimize weight in transport and when the user pushes themselves
  • Head support that’s cushioned and easily adjustable to the push bar and for multiple head positions for the best comfort and fit
  • Tray table slides into existing slots for easy use, whether for snacks or browsing on a tablet. An impressive magnet feature means you easily attach it to the wheel of the chair have it to go for the whole day!
  • Entire chair easily transported and fits in the trunk of a car



  • lightweight frame: starting at 10.758 Ib (4.89 kg)
  • chassis made from Chrome molybdenum steel, rear axle from carbon fibre
  • rear wheels from 20 to 24 inches and 5-inch front caster wheel
  • stable, fixed frame for stability and adjustable balance point
  • Available in 9.45″ & 10.63″ (24 & 27cm) seat widths.



THE PANTHERA BAMBINO 3 offers a great variety of high-quality accessories that help enhance the wheelchair comfort and performance. These can be purchased separately:


Panthera AB offers a five-year factory guarantee on the wheelchair chassis.

For other parts there is a guarantee of 12 months with the exception of wear parts.

The guarantee covers product faults attributable to defects relating to design, material or manufacturing.

The guarantee does NOT cover faults attributable to normal wear and tear, negligent maintenance, handling errors, incorrect storage, incorrect assembly on the part of the purchaser, adjustments and use of products from other supplies without obtaining Panthera AB’s written consent or deterioration attributable to repairs carried out on the purchaser’s own initiative.



Optional Colours

PANTHERA Bambino 3 Short  Comes standard in a beautiful Racing Blue and Anodic Black. It is also available in a series of Premium colours which can be ordered at no extra cost.