Panthera S3 Swing Long

Panthera S3 Swing Long

THE PANTHERA S3 SWING FAMILY WHEELCHAIRS have the same great features of the S3 Wheelchairs, but with divided swing away footrests.

The S3 Swing has a seat angle of 4 degrees which opens up new possibilities to find a good seating position, even for those who need to use their legs to move about with the wheelchair or for others who need to have a more flat seat angle.



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THE PANTHERA S3 SWING Long  is extended 50 mm compared to S3 Swing.

Otherwise it has the same specifications as S3 SWING.

Standard Features

  • Chrome molybdenum chassis
  • Folding footrests
  • 4” degree Seat angle
  • 24” Standard rear wheels
  • Carbon fibre rear axle
  • Balancing continuously adjustable
  • Integrated anti-tip device
  • Light weight frame: Starting at 10.05 lb (4.570kg)

Optional Colours

PANTHERA S3 SWING Long  is available  in a series of Premium Colours.

PANTHERA S3 offers a great variety of high-quality accessories that help enhance the wheelchair comfort and performance. These can be purchased separately,

WARRANTY and SERVICE LIFE: This is determined by how hard the chair is used and how careful one is with maintenance.

We provide a 5-year factory warranty for the chassis. Other parts, 12 months with the exception of wear parts.