Panthera U3 Light Y Front High

Panthera U3 Light Y Front High

THE PANTHERA U3 Light Y Front High is an active wheelchair designed to let you live life as actively as possible. It is characterized by the attention that we have put into all of its details.

Panthera U3 Light Y Front High gives full frame width for the user’s thighs and then narrows down the frame front to the fixed footplate, where the feet rest together.

The Panthera U3 Light Y Front High is 50mm higher than the U3 Light.


This item has specific settings that should be fitted to an individual and is best fitted by a professional at one of our retailers. Click below to find the location nearest you.

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About the Panthera U3 Light Y-Front High

THE PANTHERA U3 Light Y-Front High is a high-end, ultra-lightweight wheelchair for the experienced active user who can handle a ‘tippy’ wheelchair without an anti-tip device. The chair trades off some stability in exchange for lighter weight (transfer weight starts at 7.92 Ib  / 3.60 kg with wheels and sideguards removed) that makes driving the chair and transferring in and out of  a vehicle easier, without reducing the ergonomic features offered by the U3. Users who experience neck and shoulder problems due to excessive lifting often find a lightweight chair helps to reduce this pain.

Two configurations offer further choice: the U3 Light with normal balance, and the “U3 light L” with “tippy” balance with the rear axle moved forward an additional 7/8 inch (22 mm) and an adjustable backrest. The design is optimized for easy transfer in and out of vehicles, and features extremely good driving characteristics.


  • Full frame width for the user thighs
  • Narrows in the front to collect the feet on a foot bow.
  • U3 Light Y-front High is 50 mm higher than U3 Light
  • More upright and active driving position
  • Chrome molybdenum chassis
  • Titanium footrest
  • 24” Standard rear wheels
  • Balancing, ungraded adjustable
  • Carbon fibre rear axle
  • Unique profiled front castor (3.5” dia) for improved manouevrability
  • Light weight frame: starting at 7.92 Ib (3.60 kg)



WARRANTY and SERVICE LIFE: This is determined by how hard the chair is used and how careful one is with maintenance. We provide a 5-year factory warranty for the chassis. Other parts, 12 months with the exception of wear parts.


Optional Colours

PANTHERA U3 Light Y-Front High Comes standard in a series of Premium colours.