Panthera U3 Light Y Front Low

Panthera U3 Light Y Front Low

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About Panthera U3 Light Y-Front Low

THE PANTHERA U3 Light Y-Front Low is a high-end, ultra-lightweight wheelchair for the experienced active user who can handle a ‘tippy’ wheelchair without an anti-tip device. The chair trades off some stability in exchange for lighter weight (transfer weight starts at 7.92 Ib  / 3.60 kg with wheels and sideguards removed) that makes driving the chair and transferring in and out of  a vehicle easier, without reducing the ergonomic features offered by the U3. Users who experience neck and shoulder problems due to excessive lifting often find a lightweight chair helps to reduce this pain.

The U3 Light Y-front low has a full frame width for the users thighs, and narrows in the front collect the feet on a foot bow.

Two configurations offer further choice: the U3 Light with normal balance, and the “U3 light L” with “tippy” balance with the rear axle moved forward an additional 7/8 inch (22 mm) and an adjustable backrest. The design is optimized for easy transfer in and out of vehicles, and features extremely good driving characteristics.

U3 Light Y-front Low is 25 mm lower than U3 Light


  • Tapered front and steeper footrest angle
  • More upright and active driving position
  • Chrome molybdenum chassis
  • Titanium footrest
  • 24” Standard rear wheels
  • Balancing, ungraded adjustable
  • Carbon fibre rear axle
  • Unique profiled front castor (3.5” dia) for improved manouevrability
  • Light weight frame: starting at 7.92 Ib (3.60 kg)


PANTHERA U3 Light offers a great variety of high-quality accessories that help enhance the wheelchair comfort and performance. These can be purchased separately,


WARRANTY and SERVICE LIFE: This is determined by how hard the chair is used and how careful one is with maintenance. We provide a 5-year factory warranty for the chassis. Other parts, 12 months with the exception of wear parts.


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