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reTyre Traction Skins


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Panthera has partnered with reTyre developed reTyre Traction Skins for wheelchair tires.

Designed for wheelchair driving, the tire skins provide excellent traction through snow, while at the same time making it easier for the user to propel forward and brake. Turning corners and moving through snow, slush and rain are so much easier with this rugged accessory.

Best of all, the reTyre Traction uses Velcro attachments to fit over your own wheelchair tires like a second skin, and works with your brakes without the need to adjust them. Afterwards, they are easily removed at your destination.

reTyre is also excellent for summertime driving on looser surfaces such as grass and gravel, and gives you extra puncture protection. Because you can remove them before going inside, you can avoid bringing gravel and dirt into your house. The set of tires comes with a handy storage bag.

Currently, the tire skins are available for 24″ , 25″ & 26″ drive wheels, suitable for all 24” x1 tires with a circumference of 1885 mm (+/-10mm), 25″ with a circumference of 1935mm (+/-10mm), 26″ with a circumference of 2045mm (+/-10mm) . reTyre Traction is adapted in size so that after assembly there is a gap of 0-22 mm, which account for the variations that may occur due to differences in manufacture or wear. This gap does not affect function or driving experience.

reTyre Traction Easy Installation

reTyre Traction performance in snow conditions

How to know if the reTyre Traction Skins are for your wheelchair wheels

Step 1: Identify your wheels – reTyre fits Spinergy, not compatible with plastic wheels.

Step 2: Measure for a perfect fit.

Use a measuring tape, measure the circumference of the wheel.

Ensure your wheels align with the following specifications:
– 24” tires: 1885 mm (+/-10mm)
– 25″ tires: 1935mm (+/-10mm)
– 26″ tires: 2045mm (+/-10mm)