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Panthera S2

Please Note that this wheelchair model is no longer available. Please see our current model HERE ›

S2 has a full frame width at the front and is 5 cm shorter than Panthera Standard.

The front wheels are placed further out which provides plenty of room for the feet and prevents the caster wheels from catching on your heels. We have also remoulded the tubing of the chassis to allow for free space behind the legs, an improvement especially designed for users with a kick technique. The new moulding also makes it easier to assemble alternative foot rests as required. Panthera S2 is shorter than Panthera Standard since we have positioned the footrest 5 cm further back.

PANTHERA S2 Standard Features

  • Enhanced adjustability
  • Spring-activated anti-trippers
  • Lightweight frame of only 4.9 kg / 11 lb

Panthera S2 Facts ›

PANTHERA S2 Warranty

The life of a Panthera depends on how much wear and tear it is exposed to and how thorough you are with maintenance.

We offer a five year factory guarantee on the chassis. For other parts there is a guarantee of 12 months.

Excluding wear parts. – Applies to faults in the product resulting from defects in design, material or manufacturing. – Does not apply to faults resulting from normal wear, inadequate maintenance, human error, improper storage or incorrect assembly on the part of the purchaser, modifications and the use of products from other manufacturers without Panthera AB’s written consent, or faults resulting from repairs performed by the purchaser.