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Wheelchair for very young children.

The Panthera Micro is a wheelchair for very young children. We all know that being able to get around on your own is very important, not least for children. This is why the Panthera Micro is built to be extremely easy to drive in every possible respect.

The frame is constructed from chrome molybdenum and titanium, and the castor wheels from a marathon racing chair are used here as rear wheels. The chair has a single castor wheel, like many tennis chairs, for easier rotation.

The Panthera Micro is designed for children between one and five years of age (the youngest user we’ve met was 8 months old) and is intended for indoor use.


Panthera Micro Wheelchair - top view
Panthera Micro Wheelchair - rear view

PANTHERA MICRO Standard Features

  • Chrome molybdenum chassis
  • Height Adjustable Footplate
  • 16” or 18” rear wheels
  • Balancing adjustable axle
  • No pushrims
  • Titanium rear axle (10º camber)
  • Anti-tipper
  • 3” Front castor wheel
  • Light weight frame: starting at 5.15 lb (2.342Kg)

Panthera Micro Facts ›

PANTHERA MICRO Specifications

Seat width9.4" (24 cm)10.6" (27 cm)9.4" (24 cm Long)10.6" (27 cm Long)
Backrest height8" (20 cm)8" (20 cm)8" (20 cm)8" (20 cm)
Seat height w. 18" rear wheel (rear)12.2" (31 cm)12.2" (31 cm)12.2" (31 cm)12.2" (31 cm)
Seat height w. 20" rear wheel (rear)13.4" (34 cm)13.4" (34 cm)13.4" (34 cm)13.4" (34 cm)
Seat depth5.8-7.8" (15-20 cm)5.8-7.8" (15-20 cm)7.8 - 9.8" (20-25 cm)7.8 - 9.8" (20-25 cm)
Seat angle
Total length24.4" (62 cm)24.4" (62 cm)28.5" (72.5 cm)28.5" (72.5 cm)
Total height20.25" (51.5c m)20.25" (51.5c m)21.25" (54 cm)21.25" (54 cm)
Total width18" (46 cm)19.25" (49 cm)18" (46 cm)19.25" (49 cm)
Max User weight66 Ib (30 kg)66 Ib (30 kg)66 Ib (30 kg)66 Ib (30 kg)
Total weight7.74 Ib (3.52 kg)7.84 Ib (3.56 kg)8.32 Ib (3.78 kg)8.42 Ib (3.83 kg)
Transfer weight5.15 Ib (2.34 kg)5.25 lb (2.39 kg)5.44 Ib (2.47 kg)5.54 Ib (2.52 kg)

PANTHERA MICRO Optional Accessories

PANTHERA MICRO offers a great variety of high-quality accessories that help enhance the wheelchair comfort and performance. These can be purchased separately.

Adjustable Push Handle
Spoke Protectors
Side Guards

Panthera Micro comes standard in a beautiful Blue Classic frame. It’s also available in a series of Premium Colours which will add an additional cost and extended delivery time of 20 days.

Pearl White Pearl White
Anodic Black Anodic Black
Metallic Grey Metallic Grey
Red Red
Classic Blue Classic Blue
Mean Green Mean Green
Panorange Panorange
Turtle Turquoise Turtle Turquoise
Brave Bronze Brave Bronze
Sun Yellow Sun Yellow
Raspberry Red Raspberry Red
Telemagenta Telemagenta
Blue Lilac Blue Lilac
Pearl Light Grey Pearl Light Grey


WARRANTY and SERVICE LIFE: This is determined by how hard the chair is used and how careful one is with maintenance.

We provide a 5-year factory warranty for the chassis. Other parts, 12 months with the exception of wear parts.