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CAOT Product Recognition BadgeThe Panthera S3 Short Low is an active wheelchair designed to let you live life as actively as possible. It is characterized by the attention that we have put into all of its details.

Its low weight combined with the stable fixed frame and casters with a unique profile on the tread surface make this wheelchair very easy to manoeuvre.

The chassis’ seating angle, along with adjustable backrest and seat upholstery and the backrest tilt function combine to provide extremely good seating comfort.

The fabric used in the backrest upholstery has also been carefully selected for ergonomic and comfortable sitting.

The chair’s balance point can be adjusted to enable you to find a setting that offers a feeling of security. Accessories such as armrests and side guards have a unique design and you can adjust the height and fore-aft position of the armrests yourself without using tools.

PANTHERA S3 SHORT LOW Standard Features

  • Chrome molybdenum chassis
  • Titanium footbar
  • 24″ Standard rear wheels
  • Balancing, continuously adjustable
  • Carbon fibre rear axle
  • Unique profiled front caster for improved handling.
  • Light weight frame: starting at 9.8 Ib (4.48 kg)

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Check out the PANTHERA S3 Sort Low’s new extended range of colours & modifications.

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Extended Backrests

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PANTHERA S3 SHORT LOW Specifications

Seat width11.8" (30 cm)13" (33 cm)14" (36 cm)15" (39 cm)
Backrest height8" - 18" (20 - 45 cm)8" - 18" (20 - 45 cm)8" - 18" (20 - 45 cm)8" - 18" (20 - 45 cm)
Seat height (rear)16" (40.5 cm)16" (40.5 cm)16" (40.5 cm)16" (40.5 cm)
Seat height (front)17.5" (44.5cm)17.5" (44.5cm)17.5" (44.5cm)17.5" (44.5cm)
Seat angle
Seat depth10.6 - 13" (27 - 33 cm)10.6 - 13" (27 - 33 cm)13.8" (35 cm)13.8" (35 cm)
Total length28.75" - 33.5" (73 - 85 cm)28.75" - 33.5" (73 - 85 cm)28.75" - 33.5" (73 - 85 cm)28.75" - 33.5" (73 - 85 cm)
Total height25" - 33" (64 - 84 cm)25" - 33" (64 - 84 cm)25" - 33" (64 - 84 cm)25" - 33" (64 - 84 cm)
Total width20" (51cm)21.25" (54 cm)22.5" (57 cm)23.6" (60 cm)
Max User weight220 Ib (100 kg)220 Ib (100 kg)220 Ib (100 kg)220 Ib (100 kg)
Total weight17.69 Ib (8.04 kg)17.87 Ib (8.12 kg)18.06 Ib (8.21kg)18.26 Ib (8.30 kg)
Transfer weight9.79 Ib (4.45 kg)10.04 Ib (4.56 kg)10.23 Ib (4.65 kg)10.43 Ib (4.74 kg)

PANTHERA S3 SHORT LOW Optional Accessories

PANTHERA S3 SHORT LOW offers a great variety of high-quality accessories that help enhance the wheelchair comfort and performance. These can be purchased separately.

S3 Sideguards

S3 Arm Support

S3 Anti Tip Device

S3 Adjustable Height Push Handle

S3 Foldable Push Handle

Side Guards with a Soft Upper Section which can be used to sit on during transfers or as the bump up to reach higher places such as a cupboard.
Height-Adjustable Armrest - Adjusts to 4 heights and 4 horizontal positions.
Height-Adjustable Push Handles
Folding Footrest
Anti-tip device Anti-tip Device - for added safety and stability. It can be folded in and out while seated.
Panthera Wheelchairs - Extended Range Options Extended range of modifications.
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Optional Colours

PANTHERA S3 SHORT LOW Comes standard in a beautiful black frame. It is also available in a series of Premium Colours which can be ordered at an extra cost.

Pearl White Pearl White
Anodic Black Anodic Black
Metallic Grey Metallic Grey
Red Red
Classic Blue Classic Blue
Mean Green Mean Green
Panorange Panorange
Turtle Turquoise Turtle Turquoise
Brave Bronze Brave Bronze
Sun Yellow Sun Yellow
Raspberry Red Raspberry Red
Telemagenta Telemagenta
Blue Lilac Blue Lilac
Pearl Light Grey Pearl Light Grey


WARRANTY and SERVICE LIFE: This is determined by how hard the chair is used and how careful one is with maintenance.

We provide a 5-year factory warranty for the chassis. Other parts, 12 months with the exception of wear parts.