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Panthera X™ is by far the lightest and most high-tech wheelchair ever made, featuring the most advanced technology available today.

This elite wheelchair is designed for experienced active users who are able to handle a lightly balanced wheelchair without an anti-tip device and want to maintain an active lifestyle. This wheelchair weighs in at an incredible 4.6 lb. (without wheels) and features an X-shape side frame that makes it a dream to pick up and store when transferring. Sleek mobility meets comfort with adjustability at both the backrest and footrest.

With chassis and backrest frame made of ultralight, ultra-strong carbon fibre material, the Panthera X offers an ultra-stable, dependable ride that relies on a rigid X frame for easy transfer in and out of your car. Panthera X has a built-in rear axle, and features 4 adjustments to its backrest at one centimeter increments for added customization to change the centre of gravity. The backrest angle also has a continuously adjustable angle, and the footrest is adjustable for ultimate comfort.

PANTHERA X Standard Features

  • ultralight transfer weight frame at 4.62 lb (2.1 kg). with total weight: 9.68 Ib (4.4 kg)
  • chassis and backrest frame both made from carbon fibre
  • 24 inch X rear wheel
  • single hand brake
  • rigid frame offers excellent stability
  • backrest with continuously adjustable angle and cushioned support for comfort
  • backrest balancing with 4 positions provides high adjustability

Panthera X Facts ›

PANTHERA X Specifications

Seat Width13" (33 cm)14" (36 cm)15" (39 cm)16.5" (42 cm)17.7" (45 cm)
Backrest height8.6 - 13.8" (22 - 35 cm)8.6 - 13.8" (22 - 35 cm)8.6 - 13.8" (22 - 35 cm)8.6 - 13.8" (22 - 35 cm)8.6 - 13.8" (22 - 35 cm)
Seat height (rear)17" (43 cm)17" (43 cm)17" (43 cm)17" (43 cm)17" (43 cm)
Seat height (front)18.5" (47cm)18.5" (47cm)18.5" (47cm)18.5" (47cm)18.5" (47cm)
Seat angle
Seat Depth13.8 - 18.1" (35 - 46 cm)13.8 - 18.1" (35 - 46 cm)13.8 - 18.1" (35 - 46 cm)13.8 - 18.1" (35 - 46 cm)13.8 - 18.1" (35 - 46 cm)
Total length32.5" (82.5 cm)32.5" (82.5 cm)32.5" (82.5 cm)32.5" (82.5 cm)32.5" (82.5 cm)
Total height25" - 33" (64 - 84 cm)25" - 33" (64 - 84 cm)25" - 33" (64 - 84 cm)25" - 33" (64 - 84 cm)25" - 33" (64 - 84 cm)
Total width21.25" (54 cm)22.4" (57 cm)23.6" (60 cm)24.8" (63 cm)26" (66 cm)
Max User weight220 Ib (100 kg)220 Ib (100 kg)220 Ib (100 kg)220 Ib (100 kg)220 Ib (100 kg)
Total product weight9.68 Ib (4.4 kg)9.79 Ib (4.45 kg)9.9 Ib (4.5 kg)10.01 Ib (4.55 kg)10.12 Ib (4.6 kg)
Transfer weight4.62 Ib (2.1 kg)4.73 Ib (2.15 kg)4.84 Ib (2.2 kg)4.95 Ib (2.25 kg)5.06 Ib (2.3 kg)

PANTHERA X Optional Accessories

PANTHERA X™ offers a great variety of high-quality accessories that help enhance the wheelchair comfort and performance. These can be purchased separately.

Carbon Fibre Side Guard
Carbon Fibre Side Guard
Carbon Fibre Side Guard
Cushion X - Available in width: 33 - 45 cm; and thickness: 5 cm.
Transport Protection - Protects the wheelchair chassis from scrapes during transportation.
Arm Hook - Helps with added stability during extraneous movement.
Tube Protection - Attached around the tubes on the chassis with velcro to prevent damages like scratches and minor dents.
Freewheel - Helps with added stability during navigation on uneven surfaces such as lawns, gravel, and snow


The service life of the Panthera X depends on how much wear it is subjected to and how careful you are with maintenance.


Carbon Fibre is a very strong material but sensitive to impact and hard shocks. As an example, a fall backwards in the wheelchair against a hard surface can cause damage to the back frame. Damages caused by external force are not covered by warranty.
External accessories such as hand bike, and fixed backrest with installations performed with clamping hardware around the chassis tube or modifications to the chassis are not permitted.


  • Dropping/putting down the chassis on a hard surface.
  • Knocking the chair over backwards
  • Scratching or eroding the carbon fibre construction.


We offer a five-year factory guarantee on the chassis. For other parts there is a guarantee of 12months. Maximum user weight: 220Ibs (100Kgs)