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Available Colours:  

Note: North American version shown in all images. The Rollz Flex available North America is delivered in fixed walker position and with classic brakes only.

Out and about with the Rollz Flex

There’s a clear reason why we call the Rollz Flex our shopper walker. Whether it is the weekly market in town, getting your groceries for the weekend at the supermarket, or a nice afternoon shopping in the city, the Rollz Flex turns it into a light and comfortable experience.

Walking steadily and conveniently, while the bag slowly carries more and more.

The Rollz Flex bag is made out of sustainable and waterproof material and is available in two colours:
bright purple and denim grey.


Rollz Flex Standard Features

  • Stylish. Fully certified rollator with the look of a designer shopper.
  • Safe. Classic brake with drum brakes. Climb curbs easily with the standard curb climber.
  • Practical. The large, water resistant bag can carry 44 lb (20 kg).
  • Comfortable. Comfortable ride and natural suspension thanks to the soft tires.
  • Convenient. Resting on the luxurious leather look seat with the handlebar in the forward position as a supportive backrest.
  • Light and compact. The Rollz Flex weighs only 16. 3 lb (7.4 kg) and is easily folded for storage.
  • Maneuverable. Very light steering and easy motion with the manoeuverable front wheels.

Rollz Flex Specifications

Bright Purple Bag & Black Seat3010RF00033011RF0001
Denim Grey Bag & Tan Seat3010RF00043011RF0002
Seat height24.4” (62 cm)20.6” (52.5 cm)
Seat width17” (44 cm)17” (44 cm)
Unfolded dimensions
h x w x l
31.5”-39.4” x 24.4” x 23.6”
(80-100 × 62 × 60 cm)
27.6”-31.9” x 24.4” x 23.6”
(70-81 × 62 × 60 cm)
Folded dimensions
h x w x l
31.5”-39.4” x 13” x 23.6”
(80-100 × 33 × 60 cm)
27.6”-31.9” x 13” x 23.6”
(70-81 × 62 × 60 cm)
Wheel diameter8” (20.3 cm)8” (20.3 cm)
Weight capacity275 lb (125 kg)275 lb (125 kg)
Bag capacity25 liter / 6.6 gal / 20 kg / 44 lb14 liter / 3.7 gal / 20 kg / 44 lb
Minimum and maximum user height5’ 1”- 6’ 4 ¾” (1.55-1.95 m)4’ 7 ⅛” - 5’ 3” (1.40-1.60 m)
Walker weight16.3 Ib (7.4 kg)16.3 Ib (7.4 kg)

Rollz Flex Optional Accessories

Rollz Flex offers high-quality accessories that help enhance the walker chair comfort and performance. These can be purchased separately.

Rollz Flex Shopping Hooks The cane holder simply slides over the handlebar. Do you need your walking stick somewhere? Then you easily slide it from its holder. The clever design fits almost any walking stick in the cane holder.

Rollz Flex Warranty

Rollz covers the Rollz Flex Walker by a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a two (2) year warranty on the brake handles against defects in materials and workmanship. Those items not warrantied are wear items, such as handgrips, brake cables, and wheels. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser only, and is not transferrable. Triumph Mobility will not warranty any parts that have been damaged due to improper installation, modification and/or misuse. For warranty service, please return your walker to your local dealer. Service charges are at the discretion of the dealer, and are not the responsibility of Triumph Mobility. Please provide warranty copy for Rollz Flex.