See you at the Seniors Living Expo in Vancouver

Prestige giveaway

Anytime we can mingle with people who would benefit from our products is a good day, and next week we’ll be able to do just that at the Seniors Living Expo and Job Fair at the Vancouver Convention Centre on November 5 and 6. Come and see us at booth #201 and 203. 

senior living expo

We’re especially excited for this show because it will be one of the first events where we get to show off the new Prestige

Our flagship product, the Prestige is a combined rollator and transport chair that allows users the freedom to reclaim their mobility and take on all that life has to offer at any age. Especially for active seniors, we’re excited that the Prestige can provide the key to continued mobility, whether it be for everyday activities like a walk to the coffee shop or for travel (the Prestige folds up very well for your car trunk or even the plane!) 

Come by and take the Prestige for a spin, we’ll have demo models and our founder David Mackereth will be on hand to answer any questions. 

We are also holding a draw to give away a free Prestige, so don’t miss your chance to win. See you in Vancouver!

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