Peace of Mind with my New Escape

A little story: Two years ago I had a walker that I thought was great until one afternoon I tripped on this red metal thing sticking out from the rear tire, which I found out later to be a curb climber.

I broke many bones and ended up in rehab for 6 months. During my rehab I had to use the same walker which gave me lots of distress.

I went to my local Home Health Care store and explained my dissatisfaction and wanted to know if there was any other walkers I could try. The clerk pointed me to a product called the Escape. The Escape had handles unlike any other which sloped slightly, to my amazement I walked straighter and relieved a shoulder pain I had for months.

I can’t say enough about my Escape it’s light, easy to roll, and has no cables to worry about. I’ve been using it for 2 years now, with no problems and all my friends in my apartment building tell me I look great.

I have attached a picture and you will see I’m no young chic, I’m 92.

Thank you

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