The New Panthera S3 and U3 Wheelchairs

The S3 and U3 are the newest additions to the Panthera® Wheelchair Family.

These beautiful, stylish wheelchairs are designed to let you live life as actively as possible. They are characterized by the high standards of quality and attention to detail that only Panthera® and Triumph Mobility can offer.

Their low weight, combined with the stable fixed frame and casters, with a unique profile on the tread surface make these wheelchairs very easy to manoeuvre.

Panthera S3 Wheelchair

Panthera S3

Panthera U3 Wheelchair

Panthera U3

The chassis’ seating angle, along with adjustable backrest and seat upholstery and the backrest tilt function combine to provide extremely good seating comfort.

The fabric used in the backrest upholstery has also been carefully selected for ergonomic and comfortable sitting.

These chairs’ balance point can be adjusted to enable you to find a setting that offers a feeling of security. Accessories such as armrests and side guards have a unique design and you can adjust the height and fore-aft position of the armrests yourself without using tools.

The soft upper section of the side guards fold down when loaded such as when moving into or out of your wheelchair. You can place your hands on the side guards when you lift yourself up or down.

The attractively integrated anti-tip device can be folded in and out by yourself while you are seated in the wheelchair.

For more details on both these great products, please visit the product pages here:

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